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The Reading Room/6
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EUROPE,THEN: When Alexandra Kataeva-Venger was fourteen, her father, a high-ranking Russian official, was executed in Stalin's 1937 purges. "They've Killed Gorky" an excerpt from her memoir, is about what happened to her family, classmates, and professors, who were, directly or indirectly, its victims. The memoir, preserved by her daughter, is a Reading Room "first." Felicia Rosshandler and Evelyn Toynton evoke the lives of young European Jews trapped by the Holocaust.

OTHER PLACES: NEW YORK, PARIS, ISRAEL and GERMANY. Diana Bletter scrutinizes Israel and Palestine, Stanley Crouch writes on Paris, Rachel Lloyd examines a young British woman trapped as a sex worker in Germany, and Lauren Gonzalez eulogizes the demise of the Fulton Fish Market.

KENYA x 3: Exciting new voices from Kenya: Julie Obaso, Oyunga Pala and Muthoni Garland.

BELLOW'S CHICAGO: Daniel Magliocco writes: "From Bellow's Chicago to Kafka's Prague" and Clancy Sigal evokes his own Chicago and his union organizer mother in "She's Alive."

FICTION: Jonathan Hull, Nile Lanning, Herbert Gold, Alan Kaufman.

POETRY: Erik La Prade, Donald L. Maggin, Oliver Rice, Ben Wilensky, Leslie Jackson and Elizabeth Swados.

MUSINGS: Simon Flores-Parades reflects on the "Death of Schopenhauer" and Clifford Thompson on lost and enduring friendships.



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