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The Reading Room/7
ISBN 1-928863-12-4

THE READING ROOM/7 features two superb international firsts. In “Truce” & “Letter to Saul Bellow” the acclaimed French novelist Frédéric Berthet, in his first publication in English, pays a triple homage to Saul Bellow, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and New York. In Jenny Ballou’s lost memoir Spanish Prelude: Café Revolutionaries, about a lost Spain, the author is a stunningly lucid witness, on a level with Orwell, to the virtues and drawbacks of the intellectual firmament in Madrid just before the birth of the Spanish Republic.

Stanley Crouch’s Leona, a modern Molly Bloom, in On This Night sifts through jazz, the heat of sex, the history of New York and the history of us all. Barbara Probst Solomon narrates in her novel The King of Paris the hidden past of the Vichy years, and its consequences in contemporary Rabat and Yemen. Mike Wallace continues his brilliant intellectual excavation of New York started in his Pulitzer Prize Gotham, this time focusing on “New York and the Nazis.”

David Evanier and Steven Schrader, their wit abounds, report on the writer’s life, while Derek Van Sickle, the author of Montana Gothic, takes us on a Tom Sawyer bawdy adventure in My Pal Rinker. A different jaunt is Alex Rose’s “In Praise of Tangents” on science and the imagination. The Poetry Corner is well represented by the work of Donald Gropman, Don Maggin, Alan Kaufman, Erik La Prade and Susan Maurer.

In THREE x THREE: MEXICO/ KENYA/ ISRAEL three gifted novelists, Carmen Boullosa, Julie R. Obaso and Rebecca Rass, in myriad tonalities, braid place, language, and evocative story telling. And in their memoir fiction Judy Feiffer, April Deller and Sarah Merchlewitz evoke the lives of three young women at the exact moment when they plunge headlong from childhood to womanhood.

THE ART GALLERY showcases the art of William Anthony, David Newman and Lorraine Shemesh, while Alan Kaufman and Erik LaPrade talk about art. Wendy Mark’s art is on the cover.


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