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The Reading Room/4

ISBN 1-928863-09-4

EUROPE, THEN AND NOW includes Joseph Roth's evocative tale of Middle Europe "Strawberries" and Juan Goytisolo's tragic description of Sarajevo "Vision of Winter." Thomas McGongile depicts the shifting European population landscape from Germany to Dublin in "Just Like That." Erik Raschke gives us "Glasnost", while Mark Axelrod does a riff on a lighter moment, spring in Paris. Artists at a Slant is graced by William Anthony's satiric drawings of Nudes of Balthus, Hockney, Koralik, Lichtenstein and Picasso. Barbara Probst Solomon in "Marcel Duchamp, the Pesky Body Thing, and Etant Donnés" reveals Marcel Duchamp's twin secret obsessions: his mistress the artist Maria Martins and his secret need to preserve his realistic rendering of her body and Judith E. Stein discusses Richard Artschwager and the New York 1960s art world in "Art's Wager". Our poets include Donald L. Maggin and Malcom Farley. Our international fiction from Kenya, India and Cuba is represented by the work of Julie Obaso, Murzban Fali Shroff and Michele Arango. Our Essays cover wide ground: from Gerald Holton on international terrorism, to Clifford Thompson's "How I Became Black" and Stuart Schneiderman's witty "That Night at Elaine's." New Voices in American Fiction introduce the work of Burton Melnick, J. Schwartman, Anthony Schneider, Toby Talbot, Howie Kahn, and Scott Snyder.



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