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The Reading Room/2

ISBN 1-928863-07-8

Juan Goytisolo examines racist riots in Spain. New fiction by the Portuguese Nobel Prize novelist José Saramago and Barcelona writer Nuria Amat. Bubu of Montparnasse, Charles-Louis Philippe's modernist masterpiece about teen-aged pimps, whores and syphilis in turn-of-the century Paris, long out of print, in an exciting new translation appears in its entirety in RR/2 and RR/3. "Bubu stood for Paris as some of Dickens' novels stand for London...Philippe had a gift which is rare be able to select, out of personal experience, what is really significant." -- T.S. Eliot. Joseph Roth's The Wandering Jews, is his prescient account of the predicament of the Jews in Europe after the geographical and political upheavals caused by the first World War. In Looking for Joseph Roth ,Barbara Probst Solomon searches for Roth (her father's cousin); "In his Berlin home one encounters a unique society of Arab intellectuals, Zionist leaders, women cabaret dancers...Austrian socialist leaders and demented Hapsburgs...Joseph Roth with his companion Andrea Manga Bell, the former mistress of an African Dutch Cameroon tribal chief, and Roth's two stepsons, two small black boys.." Clancy Sigal takes the ultimate journey through L.A., Elizabeth Amon participates in a Tunisian wedding, Thomas McGongile wanders through Germany and Dublin, and Professor Gerald Holton reveals the secret history of science. POET'S CORNER: Tomaz Salamun, Robert Bly and Tom Savage. NEW FICTION: Alan Kaufman, Binnie Kirshenbaum, Clifford Thompson and Carl Watson. ART PORTFOLIO: Eugeen Van Mieghem.



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